When it started...


After working from home for over a year, I found myself fascinated with aromatherapy. I bought candle after candle after candle in search of scents that gave me that serotonin buzz, I was chasing after. I began to worry about my consumption though - all these glass jars and nothing to do with them. Where I live, recycling is not as widely accessible, but the trend of upcycling is. I wanted to change how I viewed these jars and catch that serotonin buzz I was after. I decided to do something about it and I decided to do it myself. I started making candles.

At first, I just wanted to do it for me. Fulfill my neuro divergent need to scratch the itch in my brain where my nose stopped and the good memories and happy sensations started. I wanted to reuse my burnt out jars and create something beautiful within them. By doing this, I was able to better narrate my own work space according to the mood that I wanted to be in and found a new therapy within the creation process to soothe my mental health problems.

Then my father needed help one day. I was inspired to create change for others that I wanted for myself. If I could change my workspace and mental health with a candle, then could I change my father's life with one too?

This is how I got here. ApotheTIC Creations. I wanted to create scents that make your brain tick. I want to capture that sense of your brain twitching with joy and pour into a candle jar. 

The next best thing behind buying a candle is that 10% of all proceeds go directly to my father's dental surgery fund. 

May your sense be bewitched.


For anyone interested in directly donating to the surgery costs, here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/us-veteran-desperately-needs-new-teeth